Traditional Photo Booth

Our Brand new top of the line photo booths use the latest software and best technology to create an experience your gusts will love,  We use the best camera that record in 1080p (just like HD TV) to capture your guests images in our booths, Our traditional booths are fully enclosed giving your guests a private photo experience,

Our booths are custom made here in Hawaii, The whole process is easy that every one can use the booth, The guests enter the booth (after selecting there props if they want to) following the on screen instructions they touch the screen to start , They can position themselves using the live preview screen inside .

The booth will count down and take there photos,  the photos are then added to the layout that we design just for your event and then printed. Using the best commercial printers available our prints are lab quality and in your guests hands in less then 15 seconds.  Our booth packages come with an attendant to make sure your booth runs smoothly and to assist your guests with any questions they may have.

At the end of your event you the host will get a USB thumb drive with every photo taken on it, You can print these photos for yourselves or share the digital copy’s,

All our photo booth packages include Props and we custom design your photo layout.





OR we can do a larger design and use the extra space to match your theme