Green Screen Party Studio



Our Green Screen Party Studio is designed to entertain your guests and provide them (and you) with a unique keepsake of your special day.

We use the latest technology and equipment to transport your guests to a fantasy location of their choosing and with over 4000 different backgrounds to select from. We are sure to have something for every one.


How it works.
Our Green Screen Party Studio uses chroma key technology to take a photo of your guests in-front of a green background. Our powerful software then edits the photo to remove the green background and replaces it with your guests background selection. The Green Screen Party Studio Sets up like a mini photo studio and takes up an area of about 10ftx10ft.

From start to finish the photo process is fast and easy, Your guests will choose from 6 backgrounds selected by you, They let the photo booth attendant know which background they would like and then the mic happens, With our live preview screen your guests can see and position themselves how they want to interact with the background they selected. Our attendant will then count them down and there photo is taken, Once taken they will have the photo in there hand in bout 15 seconds, we use the fastest commercial printers on the market, Our prints are dry and have a clear coat to protect them, and are the same quality that you would get from  lab.

At the end of the night the Host gets a USB thumb drive these will have every photo from your event on it, you can use this to print and share your images in any way you want.
Green Screen Party Studio is not available for outdoor events.



You can see Hundreds of examples over at our facebook galley here